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Boca Raton Mausoleum
Private Mausoleums The mausoleum is crafted from the ageless beauty of granite and marble, creating an impressive and respectful memorial. Virtually impervious to nature’s elements, granite is the hardest natural building material known today. Therefore, the beauty of the mausoleum will endure for many years to come. Read more

Our History
Our Prestigious History The cemetery has a long and unusual history. Prior to 1900, the area now known as Boca Raton was just a collection of farms and produce fields that followed the newly laid tracks of the Florida East Coast Railway. The railway was the lifeline between Miami and the northern markets. In the very early years of this past century, families or church groups buried their dead close to their homes or on the outer island next to the Boca Raton Inlet. Read more

"Serving All Faiths Since 1971"

The Boca Raton Mausoleum maintains a staff of experienced, professional counselors who are always available to answer any questions you may have
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